Watch Your Language? Profanity in Professional Wrestling

Pro Wrestling ProfanityA big topic in wrestling has been the advent of the PG era in WWE and how things would be better if it could go back to the edgier Attitude Era. When the wrestlers could curse and the situations were more risque.

Whether that’s true or not is irrelevant since I’m focusing on if profanity has a place in pro wrestling. I’ll list a couple of reasons why there isn’t a place, a couple of reasons why there is a place and my thoughts on the matter.

Say Heck No to Profanity

There are a few reasons why profanity should not be in wrestling, the first one being the influence on children. Whether wrestling is PG, TV-14 or MA, kids will wind up watching the product because it’s superheroes come to life.

The next one is mainly for bigger companies with TV time: advertisers. Some companies might not consider spending their ad dollars on a product that contains lewdness and/or profanity.

The last one I have is the fact that there’s so little profanity when compared to words and actions that you can easily edit yourself and not use foul language.

Say F*CK Yes to Profanity

There are a few reasons why profanity should be in wrestling, the first one being realism. Adult men and women get into situations where profanity is used and it might seem childish to not see the maximum emotion when there’s a grudge.

Secondly would be the same reason as the second reason against profanity: advertisers. Some companies might not consider spending their ad dollars on a product that seems too kid friendly.

Lastly, it opens up different story arcs. There are some things that can’t be explored fully without profanity, whether it’s a really bad beatdown of a good guy or a torrid love affair.

My Thoughts

I personally have never used profanity. My original trainer always said that profanity was a cop out and that you couldn’t truly get over if you had to rely on it. I have to agree with that to a large extent since profanity was only really prominent in wrestling for a short while, though it’s when wrestling was at its height in the US.

I also do feel that profanity used on rare occasions makes things more special. It represents the escalation of a feud to another level once lewdness and curse words start flying. The same thought process goes when there’s a rare instance when somebody bleeds or (formerly) when a specialty match was scheduled once in a blue moon like a cage match.

We also live in a society where children use profanity or are at the very least exposed to it through their parents or other role models. Saying words like damn, bitch, sucks and ass (didn’t even write that out in any particular order to be funny either) are more commonplace on TV shows and the Internet. So the profanity is now up another notch to f*ck, sh*t, racist slang and sexual jargon, which I think is inappropriate for a wrestling audience with kids.

Should pro wrestling have profanity? My answer is “it depends” since different companies will cater to different audiences. I personally think it’s not needed since stories can be told in different ways in wrestling through actions and not words. Some gruffer language and gestures can be used for realism, but not outright profanity on a TV-MA show especially if you know kids are going to partake.

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