My Thoughts on Pro Wrestling Match Scripts

Pro Wrestling Match ScriptDon’t write your match out fully and send it to another wrestler without speaking to them. Ever.

It’s disrespectful to the other wrestler(s) you’ll be in the ring with. Especially if you don’t take their offense into consideration. Especially finishing move that isn’t even one they use.

I’ve personally received 2 fully scripted matches in my career. For one person, it was their first singles match and it’s like a 1st-day apprentice telling a architect how to build a house. That sounds absolutely logical, right?

The other was someone who came back to wrestling. This case took place when I was 6 months in and even then, I knew that scripting out a wrestling match step by step was wrong. And of course, both matches didn’t happen as scripted. 😉

I’m not speaking for anybody else, but I don’t do that. I feel the rawness of the moment and go with it. Pro wrestling is an art form and some people do things one way, while other people do it another.

I understand the concept of a football coach giving a team a playbook and the wisest strategy for a specific play in a specific situation in a specific game. But I don’t understand mapping out how exactly each player is going to run and block for your team AND the other team. It’s a different analogy using sports vs wrestling, but the thought is the same especially if that coach is trying to overstep their bounds.

When it happened to me the first time, I felt like “okay, that’s silly.” The second time, I felt disrespected and peeved.

Moral of the story: no scripts. Rant over.

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