My Memories of Nigerian Nightmare Aaron Gainey

Nigerian Nightmare Aaron GaineyIt always hits home harder when someone you’ve met and interacted with passes away. Even if it’s been years since you’ve seen the person.

That’s the case of Aaron Gainey, who wrestled on northeast independent companies as one of the original Nigerian Nightmares. I feel badly that I don’t know his exact wrestling name, but I know the tag team name has more of a legacy.

And that may have been intentional since other wrestlers teamed with Aaron or his partner on various indies. I was lucky enough to work with the original duo and their manager, who was one of their wives.

Let’s go back to 2009 when I first started doing ring crew on rentals. My first impression of watching Aaron wrestle was that of awe since he flew through the air like someone who was 200 lbs lighter.

It gave me inspiration as a student knowing that I can be agile, too if I put my mind to it. I really trained hard to be as flexible as possible and jump as high as I could.

Months later, I got to officially meet Aaron in the locker room when I was reffing as Chris Green. I got to referee a tag match with the Nigerian Nightmares against two small wrestlers, one dressed as a goat and the other like another animal.

I listened to him, playing scared and going along with their African savage gimmick. I remember that match distinctly because I had to carry the goat back to the locker room.

Distinguished Gentlemen vs Nigerian NightmaresI was supposed to defend the NDIW Tag Team Championship against the Nightmares a couple years later, but they were unable to be there that day. I was disappointed since I wanted to wrestle the Nigerians based on my experience with Aaron and his partner. I felt the savage vs snob match would have been entertaining.

Aaron was always friendly to me in the few times I met him. I know he inspired other bigger guys like me, so I thank him for that and the advice he gave me early on before I ever had a match.

It’s clear that Aaron Gainey was loved by many and I hope he’s able to rest easy.

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