My 1st WrestlePro Title Defense & Wrestling in the Dark

Wrestling in the DarkWrestling on events that are outside can be fun, but they can also be tricky dependent on weather and the time of day.

That was the case when I defended the WrestlePro Championship against Mario Bokara at the Edison Fall Family Spectacular. We were the main event of the 2nd show that started at 5:30 pm and there were some long bouts earlier in this card.

This lead to a race against time since Mother Nature will always win. It was almost 7:30 pm when our match began and the sun was already down. We had some street lights on, but we were losing light by the second.

Having proper vision is essential when wrestling and knowing from your own life experience that it takes time to adapt to seeing without light to help.

For me, it was easy to adapt once I got in the ring since you’re in a set square space and I train enough to feel where things are, like the ropes and corners. The match was just the second time the fans cheered me in almost 3-4 years, so that was another shift. But like the darkness, I will adjust and adapt.

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