My Memories of Chavo Classic, Nicole Bass, George Steele & Ivan Koloff

Three very different people passed away in the world of professional wrestling: legendary star Chavo Guerrero Sr, WWE Hall of Famer George “The Animal” Steele, former world champion Ivan Koloff and former bodyguard Nicole Bass.

My memories of all 4 are very few since my acquainting with them was brief.

George Steele Ivan Koloff Chavo Classic Nicole Bass

Chavo Guerrero Sr

Chavo Guerrero Sr was the more prominent figure in terms of in-ring stardom. My fondest memories of him were as Chavo Classic and his time on WWE SmackDown.

I remember being entertained by his antics and charisma, even when he became the WWE Cruiserweight Champion. I’ve been equally entertained by the few matches like the 6-man tag he was in with his brothers Mondo and Hector against Cactus Jack and the Rock & Roll RPMs at SuperClash III.

Nicole Bass

Nicole Bass was a much different case. I remember her watching her as a fan when she debuted at WrestleMania XV and through her brief WWF tenure.

I would meet her many years later in 2014 when I wrestled on the Scott Epstein Memorial Event that PWS ran. Like many other big names and small-time indy wrestlers, my only interaction with her was introducing myself.

Ivan Koloff

I read Ivan Koloff’s book and wrote about the lessons I took from it. My memories of Ivan Koloff come from the aforementioned Scott Epstein Memorial Show where he was a guest timekeeper for a match. My interaction with Koloff was unique in that I was carrying in a piece of the ring and Koloff gave me the right of way with a smile. My hope is that he saw my effort to pay my dues.

George “The Animal” Steele

I read George Steele’s book and wrote about what I learned from it. I remember Steele as a little kid, specifically his match at WrestleMania II against Macho Man Randy Savage and his appearance at WrestleMania III during the famed Savage/Steamboat match.

They all had health issues leading to their passing, but it doesn’t make their deaths less sad. My condolences to their family and loved ones.

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