What I Learned: Justin Roberts’ Best Seat in the House

Justin Roberts Best Seat in the HouseThe books I typically read are about the careers of pro wrestlers. However, other personnel are also traveling the same grueling schedule including backstage management, referees and ring announcers.

And former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts is no different, as his book Best Seat in the House details vividly. Between TV tapings, house shows and international tours, he details how much travel there is, along with some rough conditions.

With that being said, here’s what I took away from Justin Roberts’s story from childhood superfan to ring announcer for local Chicago & Arizona area indies, an AWA revamp run by Dale Gagne, Toughman and WWE.


The big stir that Best Seat in the House created focused on Roberts being bullied by a number of wrestlers, most prominently JBL and Chris Benoit. This went as far as his passport being stolen and being told to hurt himself.

I was bullied in my youth and a little bit in wrestlinh, so I know how it feels. Most of it in wrestling was in jest, but some of it is put of spite and ego.

Networking/Following Up

Not getting myself out there easily is one of my weaknesses, buy Justin Roberts did this to a fault. Since he was young, he was able to talk to people to get what he wanted.

He’s been making connections with people since before high school & kept sending tapes and trying to talk to anybody from WCW amd WWF to get a foot in the door. He even worked with ring announcer Gary Michael Cappetta on his book tour to get into wrestling.

Other Key Takeaways

  • How to cope with losing your passion at work, specifically your dream job
  • Having a Plan B in place, so you don’t feel trapped in one place
  • Dealing with a lack of communication from management & feeling like you have to read their minds most of the time
  • Trying to move up in a company but it not working out due to outside forces

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