Upcoming Event: WrestlePro at the Edison Fall Family Spectacular on September 23

WrestlePro Edison Fall Family SpectacularWrestlePro continues its annual tradition of having a pair of events during the Edison Fall Family Spectacular. And WrestlePro Champion Chris Avery Queling will be in action defending the gold during the festival against GFW Impact Wrestling Superstar Mario Bokara.

Also appearing & wrestling at the festival are:

  • Former NXT superstar Bull James
  • GFW Impact Wrestling stars KM (Kevin Matthews) & Fallah Bahh
  • “The Boricua Badass” Dan Maff
  • And more wrestlers on the WrestlePro roster
  • And students from Create-a-Pro NJ

The address of where the WrestlePro ring will be is 1009 Amboy Avenue in Edison, New Jersey (right by the Subway). There will be an autograph signing from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm and 2 shows: one starting at 1:30 pm and the other beginning at 5:30 pm. CAQ is on the later show.

This event is absolutely free, so come on down & see some wrestling! But the Edison Fall Family Spectacular is not just about wrestling. The festival is open from 11 am to 11 pm and attendees can enjoy:

  • 25+ food vendors
  • 100+ exhibitors
  • Beer Garden
  • Kids Korner
  • Pony & kiddie rides
  • Petting zoo

Upcoming Event: WrestlePro in Rahway NJ on Saturday September 9th

WrestlePro Rahway NJ September 9 2017WrestlePro returns to their home at the Rahway Rec Center (275 East Milton Avenue) on Saturday September 9 with a huge lineup that features CAQ and a number of big-name stars and top independent wrestlers.

The theme of big-name vs big-independent star resonates throughout this event with the following matches:

  • GFW’s Bobby Lashley vs Colt Cabana in probably the most unique match of the night
  • Former WWE superstar Ryback vs AR Fox in a clash of sizes & styles
  • Former WWE & ECW star Tommy Dreamer vs Joey Janela which should be a hardcore brawl given these 2 men’s histories

Speaking of hardcore, Pat Buck and Dan Maff have been in a blood feud throughout 2017. It will culminate on this night inside of a steel cage!

More Global Force Wrestling stars will be in action as KM (Kevin Matthews) will battle Johnny Clash and Fallah Bahh & Mario Bokara team up against The Heavenly Bodies.

Also scheduled for this card are:

  • Former WWE superstar Swoggle in action
  • WrestlePro Champion Bobby Wayward
  • WrestlePro Tag Team Champions Habib & CPA vs Apple Corps of Matt Macintosh & Valerio LaMorte
  • Maria Manic
  • And more!

Tickets and photo op packages are available at http://www.wrestleproonline.com/9917.html. The meet & greet starts at 5:30 and matches begin at 7:30 pm.

Upcoming Event: WrestlePro Rumble For the Blue on August 10

WrestlePro Rumble For the BlueWrestlePro returns with another event on a Thursday night, this time on August 10. They will present Rumble For the Blue, a fundraiser for the NYPD at 1435 Travis Avenue in Staten Island.

The event will feature matches with NYPD police officers and pro wrestlers Chris Payne & Chris Romano. On the opposite side of that, Chris Avery Queling will also be in action.

Other WrestlePro roster members & wrestlers currently scheduled to be in matches include:

  • WrestlePro Champion Bobby Wayward
  • WrestlePro Tag Team Champions CPA & Habib
  • Global Force Wrestling star Fallah Bahh
  • The Heavenly Bodies
  • “Bad Apple” Matt Macintosh
  • Anthony Bowens
  • “Man of Steel” Mike Verna
  • Maxwell Jacob Friedman
  • Taboo Crew
  • And many more!

Matches will be announced in the near future.


4th of July Flashback: Big Ben Cromwell vs The Patriot in a Flag Match

The 4th of July is a day to celebrate everything America, including pro wrestling. That’s why I wanted to feature a Flag Match I had as Big Ben Cromwell against former WCW/WWF star The Patriot at UPWA Battle of Morris County on 5/10/14 in Morristown NJ.

The Flag Match is (typically) done to culminate the feud between a proud American and an evil foreigner from any country, even one that’s an ally of the US like Big Ben Cromwell’s motherland: England. That or it being a gimmick to attempt to reach a wider audience. There are 2 types of Flag Matches: one where the wrestler getting the winning fall gets to raise their flag or one where the wrestler who climbs up and takes down their flagpole first wins (like capture the flag).

This contest was the latter, unlike my only other Flag Match to date when the Japanese Assassin took on The Patriot was the former. Both times, the US flag was raised high at the end.

For this match, Cromwell hit The Patriot with a sneak attack, but the tables turned and Patriot attacked Cromwell. That was until an attempted bulldog was thwarted and Cromwell gained the advantage. Eventually after both got some advantages and some flag grabbing attempts, a double clothesline occurred that turned into a race for each wrestler’s respective flag. Cromwell slipped and that enabled The Patriot to win the match.

Upcoming Event: WrestlePro at the Freedom Fest State Fair in Allentown NJ on July 13

WrestlePro Allentown NJ July 13 2017WrestlePro will be having another Thursday night event. This time, it’s at the Freedom Fest State Fair at the Horse Park of New Jersey (626 Route 524) in Allentown on July 13th.

Chris Avery Queling will be in action in a Sensational 6-Way Match against former opponents Impact Wrestling star Mario Bokara & Anthony Bowens, Dan Maff, Mike Verna and Chris Payne. CAQ’s best friend Bobby Wayward will defend the WrestlePro Championship against Impact Wrestling star KM Kevin Matthews. Both matches should be intense.

Also scheduled to wrestle are three former WWE superstars. Here are their scheduled matches:

  • ROH World Champion Cody Rhodes & Pat Buck vs The Heavenly Bodies
  • Ryback vs John Silver
  • Swoggle & WrestlePro Trios Champions The Beach Bums vs JOB Security

There are also several other matches on tap. The scheduled contests so far include:

  • 1st Annual Freedom Fest Battle Royal
  • ROH star Flip Gordon vs Johnny Clash
  • Team Espanikos vs WrestlePro Tag Team Champions Habib & CPA and Kip Francis Stevens
  • Liza Viero vs Kasey Catal in a Create-a-Pro Women’s Showcase Match
  • An open challenge made by Shawn Donovan
  • MCW’s The Dixon Line (Joe Keys & Rob Locke) in action

The Freedom Fest State Fair offers free parking, carnival rides, entertainment, attractions and admission for kids under 36″. The matches will take place from 7-10 pm, while the fair itself opens at 5 pm on Thursday July 13. All ages are welcome and tickets for the wrestling event start at just $25 on EventBrite.

Upcoming Event: WrestlePro on Saturday June 10 in Keyport NJ

WrestlePro Keyport NJ June 10 2017For the first time in a year, WrestlePro returns to the St Joseph RC Church (376 Maple Place) in Keyport NJ!

Chris Avery Queling will be in action on this night against Impact Wrestling star Fallah Bahh. CAQ and Fallah have wrestled each other 2 other times: for UWA in 2010 at a street fair in Passaic NJ and in 2014 at the Scott Epstein Memorial Show in Garfield NJ. CAQ was unsuccessful both times.

Also already announced is a contest between Lucha Underground star Brian Cage and WrestlePro standout Anthony Bowens in a battle of muscle men who can do phenomenal things in the ring.

If you’re a fan of hardcore, then you’ll enjoy a grudge match between Dan Maff and Pat Buck in what is being deemed Maff’s Madness. The last Maff’s Madness match involved loads of weapons and ended with Maff & Starman bleeding.

Former ECW tag team The FBI (Little Guido and Tracy Smothers) are slated to take on Taboo Crew, while former WWE superstar Kevin Fertig (fka Kevin Thorn & Mordecai) will face Beefcake Charlie in a battle of the big men.

Also announced is a match between The Heavenly Bodies & The Apple Corps to determine the #1 contenders for the WrestlePro Tag Team Championship in what could be the sleeper match of the night.

Other wrestling stars scheduled to appear and/or be in action include:

  • “Bad News” Wade Barrett
  • Hardcore Holly
  • The Shockmaster
  • Rene Dupree
  • Simon Gotch of Vaudevillians fame
  • Savio Vega
  • Impact Wrestling stars KM & Mario Bokara
  • Keyport’s own Coach D representing Team Espanikos
  • WrestlePro Champion Bobby Wayward
  • New WrestlePro Tag Team Champions CPA & Habib
  • Chris Payne
  • MCW star Rayo
  • And more!

Doors open for a meet & greet at 5:30 and the matches begin at 7:30. Tickets are available at http://wrestleproonline.com/61017.html.

Recent Match: Chris Avery Queling vs Anthony Bowens

This is Chris Avery Queling’s longest WrestlePro match to date. He faced Anthony Bowens, whom he blindsided to cost him the WrestlePro Championship. This match happened at Starland Ballroom on Friday February 10, 2o17 and took so long because of the concussion Bowens suffered during an NXT taping.

The match started off with fists flying and CAQ wound up getting clotheslined onto the floor. Right after, Bowens dove on CAQ and brought him back into the ring. But a reversal of fortune occurred and CAQ took control until Bowens fought back and tried to throw CAQ out the ring but he hung out and counter Bowens.

At 11:30, the camera crew had a rare screw up and missed a big maneuver: a DDT onto the apron. This led to a long 2 count and CAQ getting angrier. He attempted a piledriver, but Bowens reversed into a backdrop. CAQ attempted to do a belly-to-back suplex from the top rope, but Bowens reversed and got in a flurry of offense until JOB Security came down and distracted him long enough for CAQ to hit his clothesline finisher.

The match starts at 6:38 if you want to fast forward to it, but there is an interview with WrestlePro Champion Bobby Wayward beforehand.

Upcoming Event: WrestlePro on Saturday May 20 in Rahway NJ

WrestlePro Rahway NJ May 20 2017
WrestlePro returns to the Rahway Rec Center (275 East Milton Avenue) on Saturday night May 20 and will feature a huge main event between Cody Rhodes and Joey Janela. They are making big waves on the independent wrestling scene in very different way and this 1st-time-ever match should steal the show.

Another big match that will be taking place will be between former NJPW & ROH star Bobby Fish and Impact Wrestling star Fallah Bahh. After vanquishing Michael Elgin, this will be a much different contest, as Fish wrestles a much different style.

Speaking of ROH, Colt Cabana will be in action against Alex Reynolds in what could be the sleeper match of the night. Impact Wrestling star Mario Bokara will be taking on Dan Maff in a grudge match, which should be hard hitting & violent.

Other matches scheduled include:

  • Impact Wrestling Grand Champion Moose vs Impact Wrestling star KM: Kevin Matthews
  • WrestlePro Tag Team Champions The Heavenly Bodies vs Apple Corps vs Taboo Crew vs Habib & CPA
  • WrestlePro Trios Champions Team Espanikos vs The Beach Bums
  • Chris Payne vs Craven Varro vs Johnny Clash vs Talon vs Bear Bronson vs Delroy Alexander
  • Anthony Bowens in action
  • Chris Steeler vs Buster Jackson vs MCW’s Jeremiah

Doors will open for a meet & greet at 5:30 pm and the matches start at 7:30 pm. Tickets are available at the WrestlePro website.

Throwback Match: Chris Avery Queling vs Punishment Martinez

This match is between the two men known as Chris Avery Queling and Punishment Martinez, but they’re known by their old names Big Ben Cromwell and… The Punisher. Not much difference for Martinez, but a lifetime ago for CAQ. It took place at an ECPW Adrenaline taping on November 11, 2012 when CAQ was just 3 years in the wrestling business.

It was a battle of the big men that lasts just under 5 minutes, but features a lot of hard-hitting action and some power moves. It also is definitely some foreshadowing of the success both of these wrestlers went on to achieve 5 years later, CAQ being undefeated in WrestlePro and Punishment Martinez being a part of ROH and New Japan.

Big Ben Cromwell was managed by Lance Profit and this match was actually the beginning of a babyface turn for Punisher who was undefeated at the time of this match. It’s a different start for the match and a unique way that Cromwell got the upper hand on Punisher.

Watching it back, the commentary was very distracting in some aspects, but it was the big story of the company at the time. It’s good that the wrestling got the announcers’ attention at certain points and it did make me curious to see The Godfather vs Kodiak Bear.

CAQ and Punishment only got into the ring together one other time in tag-team action. The match starts at the 53 second mark, so enjoy some vintage CAQ (or BBC in this case).

Upcoming Event: WrestlePro at Starland Ballroom on April 29

WrestlePro Starland Ballroom April 29 2017WrestlePro returns to Starland Ballroom (570 Jernee Mill Road) in Sayreville, New Jersey on Saturday night April 29, 2017. Chris Avery Queling will participate in a 30-Man Rumble Match for a shot at the WrestlePro Championship.

Also advertised for the match are:

  • Singles Wrestlers: Pat Buck, Mario Bokara, Dan Maff, Alex Reynolds, Chris Steeler, Buster Jackson, Johnny Clash, Hot Dog Starkes, Hush Holiday, Icon Dan Ramm
  • Tag Teams/Group: The Heavenly Bodies, Team Espanikos, Dirty & Durable, The Beach Bums, The Amazing Graysons, JOB Security
  • There will also be a few surprises

A battle of the big men will commence as NJPW star Michael Elgin makes his 1st WrestlePro appearance against Impact Wrestling star Fallah Bahh. The Impact Wrestling Grand Champion Moose will also be making his WrestlePro debut as he’ll face off against Chris Payne in a non-title contest.

Speaking of Impact Wrestling, Kevin Matthews (KM) will be going against Dan Maff in a grudge match that’s sure to be hard hitting. An eclectic 6-way match will take place as former WWE superstar Swoggle, independent standouts David Starr & Flip Gordon, “The Big Deal” Craig Steele, Craven Varro & MCW’s Dante Caballero.

Other matches scheduled for this event include:

  • NXT star Deonna Purrazzo & Beatrice “The Barbie Killer” vs Maria Manic & Vanity
  • Matt Macintosh of the Apple Corps vs CPA & Habib
  • Delroy Alexander vs Alex Reynolds

Two wrestling legends will be appearing at this event: WWE Hall of Famer & former 3-time World Champion Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) and former WWE/ECW superstar The Blue Meanie. There will be a signing at 6 pm and matches begin at 8 pm. Tickets are available on the WrestlePro website.