Booking Information

I am available for bookings as a single wrestler and am open to wrestling in a tag team. My e-mail address is and will respond promptly to any inquiry. You can also friend me on Facebook, like the Chris Avery Queling Facebook page & follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram, where I will promote your event to my audience.

What You’ll Get

  •  A 6’4, 245-lbs. wrestler who will keep the crowd entertained from start to finish
  • A professional who will show up early, help out where needed and treat everyone in the locker room with respect
  • Someone who is willing to go the extra mile to help bring the audience back and keep it growing
  • An adaptable wrestler who knows his place within the card
  • An athlete who goes to the gym, trains in the ring, does yoga and runs for miles regularly
  • Always family friendly and never swears or using lewd gestures unless requested to