Upcoming Event: WrestlePro Rumble For the Blue on August 10

WrestlePro Rumble For the BlueWrestlePro returns with another event on a Thursday night, this time on August 10. They will present Rumble For the Blue, a fundraiser for the NYPD at 1435 Travis Avenue in Staten Island.

The event will feature matches with NYPD police officers and pro wrestlers Chris Payne & Chris Romano. On the opposite side of that, Chris Avery Queling will also be in action.

Other WrestlePro roster members & wrestlers currently scheduled to be in matches include:

  • WrestlePro Champion Bobby Wayward
  • WrestlePro Tag Team Champions CPA & Habib
  • Global Force Wrestling star Fallah Bahh
  • The Heavenly Bodies
  • “Bad Apple” Matt Macintosh
  • Anthony Bowens
  • “Man of Steel” Mike Verna
  • Maxwell Jacob Friedman
  • Taboo Crew
  • And many more!

Matches will be announced in the near future.


ATTN Wrestlers: People Remember More Than You Think They Do

I was inspired to write this post by an event I heard about and saw a YouTube video of this past weekend containing people I know, people I’ve heard of and people I don’t know.

There are 3 things that people remember the most about you: their first impression, your accolades/mistakes and the last thing you’ve done. It’s a lot easier to make a bad impression than a good one, even if you’re not trying to.

Every choice you make could impact your career, whether you don’t shake someone’s hand, take time out to give advice (rightly or wrongly) or start a fight in and out of the ring. That’s because you never know who’s watching or will become an influencer down the road.

The one that most commonly sticks out is when you feel personally good or bad about someone due to how you interact with them. I’ve done things like help out extra during events, lent people athletic tape, carried bags and been friendly in the locker room.

I’ve even lent a sock to Mick Foley on a show I wasn’t on… My sock got booked and I did not.

I’m sure I’ve done things to rub people the wrong way for various reasons, unintentionally of course. But it’s our actions that people see and our words they hear, not our intentions.

That’s where you have to be careful since the right thing in your brain could be the wrong one in reality. Sometimes, apologies aren’t enough to reverse an impression. Forgiveness is different then forgetting and I’ve let things go but still held onto the thought.

People from years ago have wronged me and I’ve moved on, but that memory comes flooding back once their name is mentioned or I’m in their presence.

And that’s what I remind myself of every time I interact with people.

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