What I Learned: Animal by George “The Animal” Steele

George the Animal Steele BookOne of the most intriguing pro wrestling stories in my mind is the career of George “The Animal” Steele because of how he was a high school sports coach during the school year and a wrestler over the summers for the longest time.

It was so intriguing to see the ways that his lives differed, yet how he was able to maintain them both even when he had children. Especially with his dyslexia that he fought through for his entire life, which was also an intriguing story given how he turned it around by playing sports.

Some of the other things I learned from this book include:

  • Wisdom is gained through both real-life applications and while outside of the ring, many of which in his career are documented throughout Animal.
  • How to handle tough fighting situations when you least expect it in public
  • Speaking with people face to face to settle your issues, especially when third parties cause rumors & gossip to spread
  • Making sure you know who you’re hanging around with and their reputation
  • His time as a wrestler before the WWWF, during his WWWF/WWF run and his agent position after he stopped wrestling

The last portion of the book is dedicated to him finding religion and testimonials from students he coached, which I browsed through and not read so in depth.

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